Conflict Resolution, разрешение конфликтов


conflict resolution

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Pyotr Patrushev

Everyone Can Win

How to Resolve Conflict (Book)

ISBN 0 7318 1298 0
conflict resolution

conflict resolution

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Everyone Can Win by Helena Cornelius and Shoshana Faire is easy to read and is inspiring. It has become one of the most recognised handbooks of practical CR skills. It is equally relevant for those who lead, manage and relate to people in any context - be it workplace, social, family, community or school.

This is a book about relationships and how to manage them well. The skills of Conflict Resolution are specific and transferable. Learn a technique for one situation then transfer it to another area of your life. It is the "how to" of emotional intelligence.

This book is interactive and invites the reader's participation. The exercises lead the reader on a personal journey of self-discovery. The material presented is easy to access and very practical. Read any page and immediately apply a skill to a situation that is troubling you. These skills empower you. They are as much about conflict prevention as resolution. 251 pages.

This is the basic text of The Conflict Resolution Network and covers our 12 skills approach in detail.

Have you ever slammed a door in rage? Have you ever been really hurt by something someone has said? Have you ever been angry when your pay rise was turned down?

Every day people find themselves in conflict, from minor discomforts to serious confrontations. Generally when people think about conflict they believe that there are only three solutions: compromise, win or lose. Everyone Can Win shows a new way of looking at winning so that opponents become partners.

With its friendly advice, entertaining cartoons and proven techniques, Everyone Can Win is an inspirational sourcebook for all those who want to win and who want everyone else to win, too.





Conflict Resolution, разрешение конфликтов

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conflict resolution